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Marketing Communication
Brand Awareness/Lead Generation Direct Marketing (Technology Company)
Project Overview: Objective of campaign was to primarily generate leads and create lead database in order to assist sales in closing deals and therefore increasing revenue. Secondary objective was to create brand awareness in marketplace as company had re-branded and needed to get new company name established and associated with technology innovation. Two campaigns conducted related to two different product lines that involved invitations to a web-based seminar (webinar) on specific topics of interest and included industry expert speakers. Required email recipients to register for webinar and provide their contact information (including email). Also included telemarketing. Those who attended received a white paper on related topic. Managed campaigns, collaborated with list brokers, web graphics experts, telemarketing and internal resources, and analyzed results. Two campaigns generated over 500 leads.

Direct Marketing Product Promotion (Technology Company)
Project Overview: Objective of campaign was to generate cash flow through a series of product promotions (company’s products & partner products), as sales cycle was long on company’s primary product line. This particular promotion was on company’s own manufactured phones. Campaign consisted of an initial email to customers and reminder email half way through the promotion period. Also collaborated cross-functionally with manufacturing, product management, sales and customer care to validate content and make sure company was logistically able to handle promotion. Promotion generated $488,470 over a six-week period.

Collateral Development/Copywriting (Non-Profit Health Care Organization)
Project Overview: Goal was to take current information on program's online data tool that appeared in a variety of other brochures and create a comprehensive brochure of its own. Content needed to be benefit-oriented, but also provide pertinent technical information. Strategic messaging on the tool was first completed to compile effective key messages and then copywriting was completed. Content was handed off to client’s in-house creative team for layout.

Copy Sample:
Rapid Cycle Quality Improvement

In-hospital quality initiatives are worthwhile, however, they often take resources and dollars that are not readily available, are cumbersome to initiate and take time before positive results start to occur.

Get With The GuidelinesSM, a quality improvement program from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, is changing this and producing rapid cycle quality improvement. This full-scale, ready-to-implement program is designed to quickly and positively impact in-hospital patient care through the consistent application of the most up-to-date scientific, evidence-based guidelines. In this way it reduces the incidence of recurring, catastrophic events related to cardiovascular diseases and stroke, and ultimately save lives.

One of the reasons this program is gaining popularity and has been successful in producing results is its built-in, easy-to-use, online management system called the Patient Management ToolTM.

Online, Interactive and Easy to Use

The Get With The Guidelines Patient Management Tool (GWTG-PMT) is an online, interactive assessment and reporting system that helps hospitals implement the GWTG program by providing a ready means to track treatment and assist in implementing guidelines-based care. The PMT requires minimal input but provides a powerful set of features to meet clinical, quality, accreditation and research needs across the continuum of care.

Because the system is Web-based, no large capital expenditure is required to get up and running with the GWTG program. This multi-purpose tool also fulfills hospital requirements for JCAHO and CMS reporting, making it extremely cost effective.

Collateral Development/Copywriting (Technology Co)
Project Overview: Client needed existing brochure on an audio and web conferencing product rewritten to more effectively communicate its benefits as more than just an occasional company “meeting tool”. Text also needed to include new enhancements/features that had been incorporated in the product. Research on the product was completed and brochure copy written and handed off to in-house design team. Input was provided on layout.

Copy Sample:
Integrated Conference Manager
Mastering Business Communication

Business communication needs are diverse and dynamic. Perhaps you like to kick off each day with a quick motivational meeting for your distributed sales force. Maybe your business requires that you have pre-set conferences in the event you need to provide employees nationwide with critical information. You may frequently need to bring employees on multiple shifts and in different locations together for training. The challenge lies in doing all of these things efficiently — until now.

Integrated Conference Manager from Aastra Intecom provides the means to not only communicate, but also collaborate in a cost-effective and secure manner. ICM provides more than just the ability to conduct the occasional conference or webinar. It’s a necessary business tool particularly for companies who have the need to frequently interact with employees, vendors and customers in remote locations and desire to keep costs down. Security issues and fuel prices have made business travel increasingly difficult. ICM provides a solution to address these challenges and conduct business as usual. Not only is travel cost eliminated but also travel time, which means employees can be more productive.

Collateral Development/Copywriting (Technology Co)
Project Overview: Client needed existing brochure on a Unified Communication product rewritten to more effectively communicate the vast scope of its abilities and therefore tremendous business benefits. Text also needed to include new enhancements/features that had been incorporated in the product. Research on the product was completed and brochure copy written and handed off to in-house design team. Input was provided on layout.

Copy Sample:
Creating Efficient Communication in an Age of Mobile Technology

In the age of mobile technology, it is a necessary business tool that provides critical efficiencies
within the organization and assists dynamic companies in bringing their business to the next level.

Mobility and productivity have not necessarily gone hand-in-hand — until now.

With multiple ways to communicate and receive messages, communication has become some-
what complicated. Unified Communication Platform (UCP) streamlines and simplifies communica-
tions regardless of where employees are physically located, how often they travel, or how many
different communication devices are utilized. Beyond Unified Messaging and the ability to receive and send messages via multiple devices, UCP is about collaborating with co-workers more effectively, and utilizing employees’ time more efficiently to increase productivity to an all time high and deliver outstanding service to customers. UCP is an intelligent solution that allows users to set up profiles, rules, priorities, and filters related to their communication so that they are able to utilize their time most efficiently. Employees are reachable for critical communications, and response times, as well as time spent managing messages, is reduced.

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