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Milestone Marketing from Conception to Completion

Continuum Marketing provides professional marketing services, on a contract or project basis, to companies who have the need to outsource marketing functions.

Whether you have a marketing department or not, Continuum Marketing is available to assist you in achieving your marketing goals and business objectives, one milestone at a time. Our marketing philosophy is that your business should achieve tangible results from your marketing investment, whether that is measured as responses to a direct mail piece, the number of unique visitors to your website, or a spike in sales during a marketing blitz.

Results-Oriented Marketing

The bottom line is that marketing should directly relate to your bottom line.

Increase Sales
Generate Leads
Create Brand Awareness

From conception to implementation to completion, we provide services that meet project milestones. We have the capability to take on a critical piece of the project at hand, or manage the project in its entirety.

Status Tasks Deliverables
Conception - Market Research
- Competitive Benchmarking
- Consumer Needs Analysis
- Customer Segmentation
- Product Positioning
- Strategic Messaging
Conception - SMART Objectives
- Budget Planning
- Sales Process
- Inventory Current Resources
- Marketing Plan
- Project Timeline
- Brand Guidelines
Implementation - Product Management
- Brand Management
- Marketing Communications
- Event Planning
- See Services or Portfolio
Analysis - Key Indicator Measures - Project Summary
- Presentation & Project Sign-off

With the professional marketing assistance of Continuum Marketing you will define and own your unique place in the market, effectively communicate with your target customers, have a solid plan in place based on your objectives, and receive high quality marketing services that produce results.

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Press Releases

August 15, 2006
Continuum Marketing Announces Collateral Project for Aastra Intecom

July 28, 2006
American Heart Association Renews Contract with Continuum Marketing

May 26, 2006
Continuum Marketing Retained
to Assist with High Tech Company’s
Annual Sales Meeting

Reasons You Need
Continuum Marketing

— You have a large project or event that only occurs annually or semi-annually and you need professional marketing assistance but don’t want to hire new full-time or part-time staff.

— Business has grown faster than you can hire and your current marketing staff needs professional assistance to meet project deadlines.

— You are just embarking on your business venture and need assistance in developing a solid brand image, or with promoting your business to targeted clientele.

— The majority of your organization’s operating funds come from third parties (grants, capital donations, etc…) so you must be cautious regarding headcount, but need additional marketing assistance to continue to forge ahead.

— You are fully staffed, however lacking a specialized marketing talent within your group to successfully complete the initiative at hand.




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